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Here is a great article for building your craft business newsletter. It has great tips to help you build your list. Enjoy!

Do you have a crafting business? Here is a tip for building your mailing list.
By: Olde Village Depot

Do you have a mailing list, but are struggling to gain quality subscribers? Building your mailing list is the lifeline of your business. Your subscribers are the ones who will keep coming back to you for more information, so it is very important that you attract targeted subscribers.

One of the most effective ways I have found to gain new subscribers is to offer them something for free. There are several items you can offer your subscribers that won’t cost you a penny! You are probably wondering “What can I offer my subscribers that won’t cost me money?” This is where I have a few suggestions for you to try.

Here are 5 freebies to offer your subscribers.
(My examples are for crafting businesses, however the same principles can be applied to any business.)

1. Free Patterns

If you have a crafting site, the simple gesture of offering a free pattern can work miracles for your business. Just by offering a simple pattern you will gain quality traffic and in return gain targeted subscribers. If you don’t have your own pattern to offer for free, try asking one of your crafting buddies if you can share one of their patterns.

2. Create a free e-book or e-course.

Here is an example: We asked several primitive crafters to write articles for us on a topic related to Primitive Decorating. Included in the articles, were each authors bio with a link to their websites. We compiled all of these articles into a free e-course. To gain access to the articles you had to subscribe to our mailing list. We promoted our e-course on several forums
and each author promoted the course on their website. Within one month we had gained over 600 targeted subscribers. It was a lot of work, but the return was phenomenal.

3. How to Articles

How to articles are great, because you will gain tons of traffic. How to articles provide quality information that will keep your visitors returning to your site to learn more.
Ex. How to make a soy candle. How to attach hair to a dolls head. How to tea/coffee stain muslin. The ideas here are endless.

4. Craft Tips

If you know a craft tip that will make a craft easier, why not share it with your visitors. If you don’t know any craft tips, maybe a friend can help. There are a lot of other crafters out there that would be happy to share some craft tips with you.

5. Free recipes

Let’s face it, the majority of visitors to a craft web site are going to be women. We all love recipes and would love to find new and exciting dishes to try.

These are just a few ideas for building those subscribers. Implement one or all of these ideas to your website and you will see an improvement in your mailing list.

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