Direct Sales Training

I had been wanting to expand more into my local community through groups and trainings. It has been in my heart to join an exisiting group to help fill in the holes and blanks and increase my knowledge and training in my direct sales career.

I looked and looked and could not find what I wanted. No one here was teaching what I wanted. Am I more knowledgeable that my local counterparts? Maybe in some aspects I am. I have been online for 8 years, coaching, learning, marketing and selling my goods and services. Perhaps my local community is slow to utalize the web and social media aspects of direct sales. No, I know it is.. I get lots of blank stares when I get passionate about my sites! LOL

So, I decided to start my own MeetUp community. I am very excited. No, people have not come running to join YET. But it is a work in progress and I know that it will allow me to find like minded people to share info with, from me and from others as well.

So if you are feeling the same way and are looking for more that what is offered, I am challenging you to do something similar….

Create your own Training, Info, Networking group. What is there to lose?

Curious about mine? You can check it out here. DirectSelling Success. Wish you could join me, but I know its kinda far! LOL

Let me know what You decide to do!