Why You Need an Editorial Calendar in Your Business

It is easy to get distracted in business – any business. With so many different functions that a business owner has to deal with on a daily basis, planning your day is critical to success. Even within a direct sales business, planning what you need to do each day in terms of online marketing, social media and blogging can be overwhelming. Using a tool like an editorial calendar can help you become more efficient and plan your marketing strategy.
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There is a free tool that you can use if you are on wordpress with your website. WordPress Editorial Calendar is a great one and I have used it for years. Here is an image of mine. It allows you to add a draft for a specific date and plan out your day/week/month. You can pre-schedule posts and at a glance see what is posting, on what day. You can leave yourself reminders to post to social media networks and any other message that you want. It is very helpful to have a quick visual to plan out your blog posts and other messages.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by blogging and other marketing efforts, create a plan and use it. A planning calendar like this editorial calendar is something you will want to add to your site or at the very least, to your main work calendar.

4 Tips to Build Your Online List To Offline Customers

Building an email newsletter subscriber list is a great way for you to keep in touch with your customers without having to spend a lot of time on communication, if compared to telephone calls and one on one contact. If you ask any marketer, they will tell you your list is the most important item to have in your marketing and sales toolbox. Plus there are many ways you can build your list with your offline customers that are low cost or free and they don’t take a lot of time to accomplish.
Here are 4 great ways you can add to your mailing list this while working your direct sales business offline.

1. At the Home Party: During your home party demonstration, make sure you spend a few minutes talking to your party guests about your email newsletter. Let them know how they can sign up and how being a subscriber will benefit them. Make sure they know that they can opt out at any time!

2. Business Cards: If you are serious about building a subscriber list consider purchasing business cards that have all of your email newsletter information printed on them. You will want to hand out these business cards to everyone you come into contact with and make sure you include one in each customer’s bag when packaging up their orders.

3. Flyers: Sit down and write a few paragraphs about your newsletter and print out several copies. This flyer or mini flyer should include your sign up information and some newsletter content information along with all of the perks for being a subscriber. Hand these flyers out to people at your home parties and at your offline networking events. If you want to skip the business cards, print out a lot of flyers and toss them in customer’s bags.

4. Offline Product Giveaway/Raffle: Write up and print out 50 or more giveaway/contest entry forms and hand them out to people you come into contact with. Let these people know that if they sign up for your email newsletter they will earn a chance in your giveaway drawing to win XYZ product. When you do a giveaway or raffle, it doesn’t have to be an expensive product that you are giving away.

As you can see, there are many free and low-cost ways you can build your email newsletter subscriber list while marketing it to your offline customers. These four ideas will help you get the ball started on building that list and they don’t take a lot of time to implement. Publishing an email newsletter is a great way for you to stay in contact with your customers which in turn gets you repeat sales and business.

Advertise Your Business Using a Press Release

A press release is an excellent way to gain publicity and exposure for your business. You usually see it used with larger entities but it can be a fabulous tool for a business of any size. It is a perfect avenue to use for announcements regarding your business such as a special event that you are holding; a special incentive you are offering and even a level up promotion in your business. This is a good way to bring publicity and credibility to your business and you can use the clippings of the published story and the online links as part of your press kit.

Submitting a press release can be done at any time, however you may find that the media will publish something more likely when something special is happening in your business such as a grand opening, special event, or special offer. Look at your businesses promotional calendar and identify good times to send a press release out for publication.

So how do you format a press release? Here are some simple tips for formatting it properly for release.

1) If your story can be published at any time, place the words “For Immediate Release” at the top left hand corner. If the information should only be released after a certain date, use the phrase “For Release After [insert date]. Under those selected phrases always include your contact information.

2) The next area of the press release is the “body”. This is the part of the press release where you include the information you want to publicize. Try to keep your press release under two pages. If it is more than one page include the word “more” at the end of the first page.

3) As you write the body of your press release, keep it focused, clear, and concise. Try to answer the five basic questions – who, what, why, where, and when. Who are you, and what, exactly, are you promoting? Why is your target market interested in this? When and where is this taking place?

4) At the end of your press release insert three number symbols (###).

5) Once you are finished with your press release, start submitting it to the media. This can be to your local media outlets, such as newspapers, regional magazines, radio and television stations, or media outlets in geographic areas that you want to advertise and have publicity. Don’t forget to submit your press release to electronic media, such as newswire services and even Internet Talk Radio programs.

6) If you are promoting an event that will happen on a specific day, make sure to submit your press release early enough so that it has time to be received and facts can be checked and published in a relevant time frame.

It may take a bit to get your story picked up so don’t give up on press releases. Try a different media source or rewrite your press release. Make sure to submit it when you have something to promote for a higher success rate. Remember that the media receives a lot of press releases and they look for specific stories to fit in with their needs. When you are writing your story, make it compelling and special.

Never forget keep trying and it will happen!