Home Party Games Create Value

My friend Deb sent me over this special offer for my blogging buds. An ebook sure to increase the Fun in your party! Oh and its No Charge, just for my readers! Check it out!

Fun Has Value In Party Plans

If you are not scheduling shows or getting bookings at your home party plan shows, then chances are you are not creating enough value. Are you playing boring games? If the guest is not enjoying the game, then they will not schedule a show. Here is a complimentary e-book that I am offering to Chris’s visitors that includes an audio teleseminar that was recorded live on the Power Hour. This is a $7.00 audio e-book that I am giving to you now, at no charge.

E-Book Powerful Party Games

Value For Direct Sales Professional Too

Anything you put time into at your show must also create value for you, the sales professional also. Are you playing games that fill time or serve a purpose? Learn more about good value – home party games in this complimentary “talking” e-book.

E-Book Powerful Party Games