Using PLR Articles for Blogging

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Direct sales reps and work at home business owners often ask me how many posts a week is sufficient to keep their blog fresh and active on Google.

I think if you have been online long enough you have learned that Google is like a picky child. If they don’t get their way and you don’t play right, they take away some of your privileges…. in our world that correlates to traffic. You must keep your posts fresh and relevant to your blog topic.

How many is good enough? I usually recommend at least 2 posts per week minimum and 3 would be better. Now I know you are busy. I am too. But what can save the day when you just cannot come up with any more content that is interesting is PLR articles. I usually keep some on hand when the well ruins dry or I get too busy to post.

The great thing about PLR is that with just a quick re-write you have relevant content any time you need it. It doesn’t cost you a lot of money and your blog is fresh and gaining traffic, More traffic, more money. And these days, I am all about making money.

Next time you are stuck, check out some PLR sites and grab a pack or two. Make sure you customize it to your writing style and in a few minutes you are posting and growing your site. I think that is cool!

Do you use PLR and does it help you?

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