Making the Call

How many times do you call your customers? Do you call them?

Do you have a plan in place to call them at certian times?

Create a procedure to call your customers on a regular basis. If you are in a party plan, you should be calling customers the next day after the party. Don’t know what to ask? Here are a few suggestions.

*You were so busy totalling up the orders you did get a chance to ask them about any questions they have had.
*Do they want to add anything?
* Is there something you loved and didn’t order? Booking opportunity right there.
*Are they interested in hearing more about joining your company? *How about if they know anyone how many be interested in joining or having a show

If the customer was a catalog order and was not at the party, a call to them would be very important. Talk about your company, if they have never ordered before. What things do they like? Favorite products make it easier to ask for a party date. How about friends they may know that would be interested in purchasing or hosting a party? Ask about interest in joining your company.

Other times to call your customers is when new books come out and when new Product lines are introduced that they will be interested in. Also after the orders are delivered, if the hostess is making the delivery for you. Make sure the product is correct and they know how to use it. Tips on the use of products is a sure winner in keeping a customer satisified.

I keep an index file on my customers and their favorite items, scents, shades. You will always have something to talk to them about and that makes for super customer service. You want your customer with you for a long time, not just one order.

So put your plan in place and increase those sales today and develop your customer for a long term relationship.