Getting to the Next Level in Your Direct Sales Business

There are a lot of direct sales and MLM reps that are selling product and doing great in their business on a weekly and monthly basis. You are growing your customer base and earning a decent amount of money on sales and maybe even some residual on your leadership. Getting that check each month is is great and it really helps pay some bills and maybe even take some vacations here and there. That is such a wonderful feeling!

But if you are someone looking to get to the next level of leadership and really grow your network, listen for a minute to what I have to say.

There are so many tools that you can use to get there. Blogging, Article and Content Marketing for sure. But the key is Recruiting the Right People and having the drive to see it through.

So, Who are the right people? Those that want to learn the system and process and can duplicate it!

Look at the leaders in network marketing and MLM’s today and look at what they have in common. Large teams and downlines. Look at the type of people they are recruiting. They give you the information and say duplicate it. Maybe they give you a script and say duplicate it.

If you can duplicate the information and start bringing in those that are able to duplicate the information, guess what? Your numbers will be growing substantially. The rest will come right along with it. Sales certainly. The articles and content marketing for your website and blogs will become a tool for the info they need for conversion.

Think about it and let me know how I can help you start moving towards the next level.

Why Should I Recruit in my Direct Sales Business

I have been asked by people many times, why should I recruit in my direct sales business? My answer is normally, well why shouldn’t you? What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of making money? Maybe you are afraid of being a leader. Perhaps you are afraid of committing to help others because you think it will take a lot of time. There could be many other reasons that you are not recruiting and only you know them deep down inside.

What I can tell you is that recruiting, while it can be a bit scary, it is also liberating and freeing and a test of your strength and abilities. But most of all it is a learning experience for you and those you will coach. They will become your family where you celebrate success and lift each other up when things go differently. Together you will grow and learn and most people wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sharing ideas, getting a bit competitive, learning new techniques and most of all, having fun. Not to mention, making some good money too.

So instead of asking – why should I recruit in my direct sales business – ask Who can I help today – and embrace it. Helping others is a gift.

What is holding You back?

Effective Recruiting Begins With Your Target Market

When you are bringing new team members into your direct sales business it is important to remember that these people will join your team for different reasons. Everyone is looking for something different in their home based business. Once you understand those reasons, then you will know who your target market is and can effectively tailor your recruiting pitch to them.

Here are 3 reasons that a new member will consider joining your team and want to start their own direct sales or work at home business.

1. Personal Use ~ This type of consultant is looking to make just a little bit of money and will most likely only be joining to take a few orders every month from their family, friends and co-workers. This is so that they can get their personal items at a discount. These consultants usually only want to make $100- $200 a month as a supplement to their income.

2. Part Time Sales ~ This consultant is looking to make additional money to help support his or her family’s income. This person will usually demonstrate 2-4 parties a month and they are looking to make $200-$500 a month in additional income to supplement or for building up a nest egg. The part time sales consultant can also be a person who just wants to make some extra cash during certain seasons of the year.

3. Full Time Sales ~ This type of consultant is looking to make a full time income. This will replace a regular job so that they can support their family. This person will usually demonstrate at least 6+ parties a month and they are looking to make a minimum of $1,000 a month in income. In addition, this person will be interested in recruiting and building a team within your company’s organization so that they can add additional money per month to their income stream.

By knowing what your target market is, you can then craft your sales ads to that particular type of consultant or rep. By coming up with three different recruiting sales pitches, your recruiting methods will be much more effective and you will see a greater acceptance to your message and therefore an increase in your team numbers overall. Taking the time to learn your target market will make you more effective in your recruiting efforts.