It’s Not to Late to Reach Your Goals! Finish the Year With a Bang

The end of the year is looming! Are you on target with your goals?

It’s not too late to reach your goals!

If increasing your sales is on your goal list this year, make sure to bring your books, samples of your products or at the very least business cards when you are visiting family and friends during the holiday break. In your general chit chat you can mention what you are working on. Every one loves looking at catalogs and you can get some sales. Many ladies get Christmas cash they may want to spend on something just for them! Why not spend it with you?

If increasing your team is on your goals this year, chat up how great your business is and ask everyone to join your business. You never know who needs extra cash especially with Christmas bills to pay in January. It is an excellent time to start a new business!

These are just 2 of the more popular goals that direct sales reps have on their radar each year. What other pressing goals do you have on your list? Do something before the end of the year to work towards making a difference with them.

Be proactive right up to December 31 and you can attain what you want.


That is a huge word in the sales language and in our sales world. If we are not in full commitment to our business, we will not perform and reach our goals.

How many excuses have you used this week for why you did not reach your goal, whatever that goal may have been?

How many times did other things get in the way of making your goal?

If we are in full committment to our job, and yes this is a job, then we need to be working it as a full time job and a full time commitment.

We are all guilty of being a bit lazy from time to time, but if we are, then we need to lay the blame of why are have not reached our sales goal or our personal goal right where it belongs. With ourselves. We cannot blame the kids, or the dog or our spouse. We cannot blame the company, the products, the late deliveries, the hostesses. It is our job and we need to be committed to giving 100%, 100% of the time.

This is where scheduling your time becomes critical. If you are a stay at home mom, then you have to block out times to be effective and work your job.

If you wonder why you are not making money or reaching your goals, look at your commitment level and decide if your job is worth recommiting to or not.