Get your business ready for the gift giving season!

I wrote an article a few years ago that is perfect for getting your business into gear for the holidays. By starting now, you can really ramp up your ideas and promotions for the holidays. It may not seem possible to you, but shoppers really do start early, especially in this financial climate, so don’t make them wait and lose sales to your competition!

Read my article here on Direct Sales Talk and have an awesome selling season!


Strictly Independant

Independant can be a lonely termL’?l?gance unique et le professionnalisme extraordinaire du d?cor, vous approchera au climat des salons d’un poker regle classique. at times. If you have a home based business, you are an independant owner. For some people that is a large concept to grasp.

What does that mean, really?

* you are responsible to yourself (no suprise there)
* you don’t have to ask any ones permission on anything
* you are responsible for your own leads in whatever method you choose
* you are the one that has to track your success rates with the methods you choose
* you are the sales person, the accountant, the shipping dept, the customer service dept, and any other dept you can think of
* you have to learn new sales methods for when the ones you are using stop working
* you have to know when they stop working
* you have to be self disciplined to work everyday
* you have to realize in order to be successful and make a lot of money, it really does take more than a few hours a day, at least in the beginning.
* you have to continue to learn and develop your craft and never get stale or lazy.
* you have to remember there is always someone on your tail wanting your customers, your business
* you can never trust anyone fully in business
* you have to learn to work smarter, not harder

So is being Independant all its cracked up to be? Some I have known have said “No Way” and quit their business not long after starting it, or their business quit them due to lack of attention or knowledge.

Some have said “Heck Yes” and have learned to embrace the difficulties, the learning curve and developed the passion for the business.

This is what sales people are made of. Ones that never give up or look for a free hand out in business. Trust me… nothing is free!

Have you embraced your business? Remember, if you are good to your business, it will be good to you!


The power of IF

The word IF is a powerful word, especially in business.

If you were to join my team…
If we can work together….
If you purchased my product, you could expect…
If we went ahead with the joint venture….
If we became partners…
If I promoted you….

The word IF can leave all of the sales pressure off of you as a sales person and place the decision on the customer, associate, partner, recruit.

People tell me they do not like to be sold to, so how about IF I allow them to sell themselves, so to speak. I know that I am still leading them down the path of a close, but they may not know it. What if it is a better sales close if they decide for themselves?

People tell me they don’t like to sell stuff. Well what if I told you you wouldn’t be selling to people if you allowed them to make the decision. Just give them the facts and allow the IF to make the close.

People want to feel impowered in the decision making of any sale or decision. If you are talking to someone that may want to join your team, or better yet, someone that You want to join your team, why not use the IF conversation.

If you joined you can expect…
If you joined, we would…
If you joined, you could make….

They are going to be more open to your words and offer because IF means it doesn’t have to happen and you are not shoving something down their throat.

Think about it.