Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Direct Sales

Thanksgiving is the start to the biggest time of year for any one in direct sales. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming right after the holiday, it is important that you are getting out the word about your business. The time to start that is right now!
The week of Thanksgiving is an important week in direct sales. People are planning their shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and there is no reason that you cannot be a part of their shopping plans. One of the first things you want to do is plan a promotion that will encourage sales, maybe something special for Cyber Monday. Make it simple, easy to manage and easy for your customer to take advantage of it.

Create a flyer and start emailing it and snail mailing it out now to your customers. Make sure to include any pertinent links such as your website information and how to order. Hand it out along with a brochure to everyone you know. Take it with you to Thanksgiving dinner and share it with family and friends. Ask friends and family to take it to work and share with others too.

Don’t stop after Cyber Monday. Keep the push on until the very end! You want to maximize your sales during this holiday season. Plus if people choose not to purchase and you are in a party plan, you should be booking your January dates now too. After the holidays is a great time to party.

This is not the time to be shy and wonder if you are intruding. Your job is to sell products that people are looking for to fill a need. Sell the benefits of the products at a great price and you will be rocking in the sales during this holiday season!

Creating Party Urgency With Busy Calendar

Your home party is winding down and the attendees have all had a great time. You have used some effective games to get people interested in buying products and now you have several people interested in hosting an event of their own. Booking future events is the same as closing a sale. You need to create urgency and then go for the close. When you are doing your direct sales training, you need to teach your associates how to create that urgency by using some calendar tricks.

Mark The Available Days

The first thing that works for creating a sense of urgency with a calendar is to only show potential clients the days you are available for events. For example, if your events take place Friday through Sunday, then eliminate Monday through Thursday from your booking calendar. Cross them out as if you are busy or if you use digital calendar then just eliminate them entirely. You can always transfer your event dates to your personal calendar so that you can keep track of your overall schedule.

Create Urgency With Color Coding

As a part of direct sales training, you need to teach associates that there are few things more powerful than a color-coded calendar. Your entire calendar needs to be color-coded, even the days that have nothing going on.

A calendar full of white boxes with dates checked off will always look empty, even if all of the event dates are filled. But if you block out booked dates in red and open dates in blue, then your entire calendar looks booked. Even when you explain your color system to clients, there will still be a sense of urgency because the boxes on the calendar are not white.

Book In Tight – Narrow Choices

The chances are good that your most immediate dates will fill up first. That is why you should only show prospective clients your calendar for the next two to three months. You will find it much easier to fill up your calendar when you already have dates filled in. If you give your client an option of choosing dates that are three months away or more, then it looks like you have more open dates and you lose that sense of urgency.

Make your calendar look full!!

A sense of urgency in prospective clients is important because it helps to decrease the chances that the client will cancel. In order to create that sense of urgency, you need to know how to keep a calendar that always looks booked and busy.

When your calendar looks full,even if it is not full, then you will become better at booking shows at your show. Learn more home party plan calendar tips at the CashFlowShow training center.

A Guest Post by Deb Bixler
All Rights Reserved

Do Games and Giveaways Build Your Direct Sales Business?

Sometimes I really have to wonder when I look at my expense line if games and giveaways are bringing an increase to my direct sales business. Well, the answer to this question can be yes or no. So lets take a look at how games and giveaways can benefit your business or how they can hurt your business.

The types of games we’re talking about here are the ones you play at your shows. For example, some consultants play games or offer giveaways at their shows for the person who drove the farthest, brought the most friends, is the oldest, youngest, married the longest, has the most kids, etc.

While those games are fun, do they really benefit your business? Do they increase sales or entice people to host a show or even more importantly, do they really encourage potential new recruits to join the business? Maybe – Maybe not.

Getting to the right answer is going to depend on your company; what product you’re selling and how you go about the games. For instance, if you sell skin care products, then giving product away to the person who is the oldest or someone who loves cosmetics may be a great way to gain a new customer. Choose gifts that are appropriate and something they will actually use; new colors for the season, Skin Care Products, cleansers, etc. are all great items.

Look for items that are different than what everyone else gets. If you do multiple parties a week, always try and have something a bit different at each. Some people like the idea of getting something that is rare and unique; something that everyone else doesn’t have. The idea is to think through what you’re giving away. Don’t give away something just to get rid of it!

Also, if you choose to give away a gift to the person who brings the most friends, make sure your hostess informs their friends of this before hand and it is on the invitations too. This is a great way to get more people to a show. Also, make the gift worthwhile. You want the guest to really want it so they will truly work for it.

Some companies encourage their consultants to give gifts to people as an enticement to get them to listen to the business opportunity. While this can be a good idea, it can also be a bad idea. Again, think through who you are trying to recruit. You are looking to recruit people who really love the product; those who are interested in making more money or those who are looking to start a new career and who are motivated and excited. In other words, don’t give your business away in gifts to just anyone who is simply looking for free product only.

Be choosy about who you’re giving your product to and what you’re giving away. Games and giveaways can help your business when they are well thought out, targeted to a specific audience and used appropriately. Keep in mind; freebies can hurt your business if you’re just giving away for the sake of having something to give.