Unique Locations for Selling Your Direct Sales Products

In order to make a difference in your direct sales business, you have to be willing to do what other people don’t or won’t do. That includes being unique in your business. From sales and marketing to leadership and recruiting, thinking outside the box can really improve your business.

One of the things that can make a big difference in your sales is finding unique locations and activities to sell your products. If your business is a party plan, don’t restrict yourself to just traditional parties. Look around and start finding what your competition is not doing.

Unique Locations for Selling Your Direct Sales Products

Here are some unique locations and activities to try:

* County Fairs – group together with others on your team
* Farmers Markets – if you have a product fitting
* Consignment Shops – if allowed by your company
* Facebook Groups
* Online Parties
* Out of Your Trunk
* Door to Door
* Gift Baskets
* Where Guys Work – especially around holidays
* Open Houses – Make it a party once or twice a year
* Local Craft Shows
* Small Business Events

This is just a few from the top of my head. What unique locations have you used to sell product? Share with us below.

Why Your Business Needs a Mailing List

Every business needs to have a mailing list of one kind or another. What is a mailing list? It is list is a list of people who signed up and opted in to receive your mailings, such as newsletters, ecourses, ebooks, and other emails. There are many benefits to having a huge mailing list. Let’s look at a few reasons why you will want to start building one today.

There is an old saying and many sales people know this one: “The money is in the follow up”, and that holds true for your list as well. Your mailing list provides you a way of staying in touch with people who have visited your website. Maybe they didn’t buy anything the first time they visited your site. However, if you stay in touch with them on a regular basis, they may turn into a loyal customer.

There are several types of mailing list formats to choose from and you may want to include each kind on your website. You can offer a general newsletter that people can subscribe to. This is a great way to keep people informed on the updates you have made to your site. You can include excerpts from any articles you recently added with links to the full text. If you offer podcasts, you can include information about upcoming calls, guests and information you will be featuring, etc.

You can also choose to have a tips list or ecourse. People love numbers and are eager to sign up for a tips list, such as “15 Ways to Get Organized Today” or “50 Ways to Work from Home”, etc. These tips can be small emails that are delivered daily or weekly to your mailing list. An ecourse is a great way to promote your information products a bit at a time so you are in front of your customers and potential customers often.

The best way to manage your new mailing list is through an autoresponder service. When you sign up for such a service, you can create a list and load email messages into it. When someone signs up for your list, they will automatically start to receive the messages you have already written. Each person will receive message 1, and the autoresponder will continue to send the messages in the order you selected.

While the main purpose of having a mailing list is to promote products, your visitors will be eager to sign up for them if you provide helpful information. Use your mailing list to allow you to cross promote your products and services and turn “fence sitters” into customers.

Invest Your Time In Hostess Coaching To Ensure Home Party Success

A Guest Posting by my friend and business partner, Shelly Hill. Shelly has worked in direct sales for years and years and has recruited hundreds of teammates and has held hundreds of parties. Enjoy!

If you are consultant with any of the Direct Sales home businesses, it is very important that you concentrate on coaching your home party hosts on how to have a successful home party. Why you might ask? Studies have shown that party hosts who have been properly coached have higher product sales and party bookings.

If you are not sure how to coach a party host, let me give you a few tips on how to do it.

1. When the individual books and sets the date, it is important that you immediately get a hostess pack to them. This packet of information should include your contact information, guest lists, extra order forms and catalogs for outside bookings, business opportunity information, booking and product specials, and other printed materials that they will need to help guide them through the coaching process.

2. Set up regular coaching telephone calls or emails with them. I recommend starting this process 4 weeks in advance of the home show date and I recommend that you contact them on a weekly basis. You will use these ‘coaching’ sessions to motivate your host about the party, answer any questions that he or she might have, and to inform them of any specials or booking offers. The more you motivate and excite them about the party, the more effort they will put into it to make it a success. A successful home show for the host, means a successful home show for you.

3. As you are conducting your coaching sessions, keep planting the seeds about your booking specials, product specials and home business opportunity. Over the years, I have found that the more I remind them of these specials and opportunities, the better return rate I have gotten out of it. We all lead busy lives, so keeping all of this information front and center in your hosts mind can pay off big time once the party time arrives.

4. If you have never done this type of coaching before, I suggest you talk to your manager or upline for guidance. In most Direct Sales companies, uplines have been properly trained by their respective home companies on how to do hostess coaching and they can pass that knowledge onto you.

When you take the time to properly coach your hosts, they will be excited when their party time finally arrives and this excitement will pay off for you! There will be great attendance, higher product sales and more bookings from the party attendees, and all of this means you and your host will have a successful home show.

Shelly Hill has been successfully working from home in Direct Sales since 1989. Shelly owns the popular Work At Home Business Options web site at Work at Home Business Options where you can pick up free home business tips, Direct Sales articles and free home business resources.