Being Prepared to Sell

Being prepared to sell is both a mental and a physical preparedness.

Mentally means that you are always in a selling mode whether at the grocery store or in your office. If you feel frumpy but you just dashed into the store for something. Are you going to be able to chat up they lady in front of you in line? What about the friend you ran into? The kids are wild and she wants to place an order, are you going to be able to switch gears and become that professional you need to be?

Physically prepared means literally that. Can you pull a pen and business card out of your purse or pocket right now to assist a potential customer? If not, you need to be prepared. Do you have a brochure available? What about your product line? Do you know it? Can you flip right to the page that customer is talking about or direct her to it on your website? Is your website easy to navigate and up to date with current information?

If you answered no to any of these, you may need to get prepared to sell. Sometimes selling a product is an impulse. How many times has someone seen you and they say “oh, I have been meaning to call you”? Right there and then you need to get that order or set a time to call them for order placement.

Take some time right now to get what you need to be completely prepared for selling and find a way to have it available at a moments notice. Your customer will thank you for it and so will your increasing sales.