Creating Party Urgency With Busy Calendar

Your home party is winding down and the attendees have all had a great time. You have used some effective games to get people interested in buying products and now you have several people interested in hosting an event of their own. Booking future events is the same as closing a sale. You need to create urgency and then go for the close. When you are doing your direct sales training, you need to teach your associates how to create that urgency by using some calendar tricks.

Mark The Available Days

The first thing that works for creating a sense of urgency with a calendar is to only show potential clients the days you are available for events. For example, if your events take place Friday through Sunday, then eliminate Monday through Thursday from your booking calendar. Cross them out as if you are busy or if you use digital calendar then just eliminate them entirely. You can always transfer your event dates to your personal calendar so that you can keep track of your overall schedule.

Create Urgency With Color Coding

As a part of direct sales training, you need to teach associates that there are few things more powerful than a color-coded calendar. Your entire calendar needs to be color-coded, even the days that have nothing going on.

A calendar full of white boxes with dates checked off will always look empty, even if all of the event dates are filled. But if you block out booked dates in red and open dates in blue, then your entire calendar looks booked. Even when you explain your color system to clients, there will still be a sense of urgency because the boxes on the calendar are not white.

Book In Tight – Narrow Choices

The chances are good that your most immediate dates will fill up first. That is why you should only show prospective clients your calendar for the next two to three months. You will find it much easier to fill up your calendar when you already have dates filled in. If you give your client an option of choosing dates that are three months away or more, then it looks like you have more open dates and you lose that sense of urgency.

Make your calendar look full!!

A sense of urgency in prospective clients is important because it helps to decrease the chances that the client will cancel. In order to create that sense of urgency, you need to know how to keep a calendar that always looks booked and busy.

When your calendar looks full,even if it is not full, then you will become better at booking shows at your show. Learn more home party plan calendar tips at the CashFlowShow training center.

A Guest Post by Deb Bixler
All Rights Reserved

Getting to the Next Level in Your Direct Sales Business

There are a lot of direct sales and MLM reps that are selling product and doing great in their business on a weekly and monthly basis. You are growing your customer base and earning a decent amount of money on sales and maybe even some residual on your leadership. Getting that check each month is is great and it really helps pay some bills and maybe even take some vacations here and there. That is such a wonderful feeling!

But if you are someone looking to get to the next level of leadership and really grow your network, listen for a minute to what I have to say.

There are so many tools that you can use to get there. Blogging, Article and Content Marketing for sure. But the key is Recruiting the Right People and having the drive to see it through.

So, Who are the right people? Those that want to learn the system and process and can duplicate it!

Look at the leaders in network marketing and MLM’s today and look at what they have in common. Large teams and downlines. Look at the type of people they are recruiting. They give you the information and say duplicate it. Maybe they give you a script and say duplicate it.

If you can duplicate the information and start bringing in those that are able to duplicate the information, guess what? Your numbers will be growing substantially. The rest will come right along with it. Sales certainly. The articles and content marketing for your website and blogs will become a tool for the info they need for conversion.

Think about it and let me know how I can help you start moving towards the next level.

New Year Goals, Again?

We hear from all of the guru’s that we are to set goals at this time of year for your business. It is amazing to me the amount of posts, emails and tweets I get about goal setting.

But I have a few questions… If we do set these goals, we then have to follow up and make sure that we are accomplishing or moving forward at least. Right? Who is going to sit like a birdie on my shoulder and make sure I am writing my goals, tracking my success and refocusing my goals as the year goes on?

I don’t know about you, but I think we need an automated system to help us out. As fast as the year goes by, by the time it is time to track month 1, it is already month 6. Yikes! How to keep up?

OK, you know I am just kidding with you, right? Well sort of… I do think the automated system is something I need to work on! :0)

Yes, we have to sit and figure out where we want our business to go this year. No wimping out, now. Lets get with it. Get that pen and paper out and get to it. Maybe even update your dream board while you are at it. I know my board needs it desperately~

We know that our brains are stronger with visuals, so by writing down your plans, you are reinforcing your path, your business direction. I know that my path is blurry right now, but maybe by the time I sit quietly and focus on my business, the vision will clear and I will be lead down the path I am supposed to be taking.

Here’s a New Years toast to clearer vision and uncluttered paths!