How much is too much?

I had an offer the other day from someone who found my sales site and invited me to participate in a show.  My first thought, COOL!  I have some product I would love to move.

My second thought?  No way.  Why, you ask?  Well I have talked on here before about making sure you are making enough money to warrant your participation.  This event wanted $50 for a 5 hour show.  Plus it was 2 hours away.  Oh and third, it is a first time show with no guarentees on attendance.

Red flags went up in my brain.  Lets see, we are talking about $75+ in gas, $50 in fees, plus lunch and my time. But only 5 hours to hopefully sell your product.

Sorry.  3 dings mean that there is not enough incentive for me to do it altho I would love to move some product, it is just not worth it.

Please take the time to add up your value.  Your time is a commodity and very precious.  How much is too much for you?