Hot Summer Party Ideas for Your Direct Sales Business

As the sun heats up the hostesses for our direct sales business may tend to withdraw a bit. The kids are out of school, family vacations abound and there are more family activities as well. But this does not mean that you have to stop doing parties; you just need to be a bit more creative. Here are a few summer fun ideas to get your hostess excited about booking with you.

Take all of the excuses away with fun outdoor activities with your direct sales business. You can offer your hostess parties geared around the kids and hold them in parks, at the pool deck or even in a nice backyard. Find some great themes to incorporate into your parties as well. Some great themes that do well are Wine themes parties; Margarita parties; a 50’s or 60’s pool party; Luau or Hawaiian theme is ever popular.

You can look at stores like Oriental Trading for great party ideas and buy some inexpensive accessories and build a party around it. People love to have fun and if it means that they do not have to cook or clean up much, you are in!

Get your creative hat on, and see what you can come up with for some fun summer themes for your booking your party hostesses. I know that they will be thrilled to do something besides the old stand by and if the kids are entertained as well, that is a double plus! Have fun!

Theme Parties and Bookings

If you have been in direct sales any lenght of time, then I am sure that you have heard about or even attended a theme party. Theme parties are a load of fun and are well known for increasing your guest attendance.

If you have never tried one before, check out all of the resources on the web for theme parties as well as the list here at the Classy Chic Forums.

If you have been using theme parties, then you know what a great reponse you get to your attendance. How long has it been since you have refreshed your theme party list?

When I was doing home parties, I had a binder that would list all of the different themes I would do and the hostess could pick the one she wanted to host. It was so much fun!

Share with us what success you have had or what you have done differently that increases your party attendance!