5 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Craft Show

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Anyone can throw together a craft show, but getting the shoppers there is the key to a great event. Let’s face it; your vendors expect something from the fees that they pay to attend the show. It is your job to advertise the show and get those people to attend. Here are some tips that you can use to help to advertise your craft chow event.

1) Create a flyer and make sure that all of your vendors have a copy. Encourage them to share it with their customers and at other events that they are attending.

2) Online craft show event calendars are a great way to get the information out especially if you promote it ahead of time. If your show is large, you definitely want to be on sites like Craft Show News and Fairs and Festivals.

3) Advertising locally is a must. The Newspapers still rule when it comes to events. Take out an ad in the events column and run it on weekends several times before the event. Also run it the few days before the event and the day of as well.

4) Go to radio. If you are a non profit, radio stations will play ad spots for you at no charge is space permits. It is optional and they can pick and choose so make sure that you have great information for them. Plan this at least 1 month prior to the event.

5) Use local signage – make sure that you have signs at major intersections all over your area. Help direct people to where the event is being held.

These 5 easy tips will help with your attendance. By taking the time to advertise your event, you will increase the attendance making it easier to enjoy more shows in the future.

Get That Contact Info by Using Craft Shows Part 3

Get That Contact Info by Using Craft Shows Part 3

One of the greatest benefits to setting up at craft shows is that you are exposed to all those potential customers within your target market. What an awesome opportunity to reach out and expand you customer base!

A lot of Direct Sellers use contact cards to capture the information of those that are potentially interested in the business or the products, fundraisers or hosting a party. But how are you going to get the potential client to fill out that card?

One of the easiest methods is to have a drawing for a prize that you donate. You are asking them in a non threatening manner to sign up to win that prize. You are, in turn, able to talk to that person about the products and more while they are filling out the card.

Another method of getting people to stop at your booth is to have something to hand out. A flyer, a mini catalog, a business card with a sample attached. As they accept the item you are giving out, you can ask about filling out a card to enter the drawing. You can also use a simple sign up sheet for future mailings or if they want to be on your sale notification list or to receive a catalog. Talk to the people walking by and do not forget about the other vendors!

Whatever method of obtaining their information is used, you want to make sure that you are using it. Don’t let those hard earned leads go to waste! You worked hard to get them now you must follow up within one week of the show. Send a postcard or email, depending on their preference marked, thanking them for coming to the show; that is was great meeting them. You want to offer a discount on their next purchase.

Follow up with everyone you have contact information for. And don’t just contact them one time. Every time you have a sale or a mailer going out, include these people. This is your warm list. They have been interested in your products, so include them as potential new customers. It is important to keep your name and business in the fore front. This leads to long term customer service and potentially great customers and That is what we work so hard for.

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Being Unique

Being unique in the craft show arena is a huge plus. Don’t be afraid to put your most interesting and different things out there for the world to see. What we are looking for is a niche.

I have talked before about making your booth, your product and anything else different if you are selling an item that is very popular. We all know that there are tons of candles out there. How are you diffferenciating yourself from the pack? Same goes for Jewelry. Do you make one thing super well and the rest ok? Then focus on the super awesomeness of the one you do.

Fancy up your labels, bags and displays. Consider having a vinyl banner made from a sign company if you are going to do a lot of shows.

    No handwritten signs please! Remember you are a professional and this really detracts from that.

Take a close look at your line and see what you can change to target in on a niche.

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