Recruit Tracking Sheets

For those of us that have a lot of recruits, sometimes we lose track of where we are in their training and keeping them on track.

Making a simple tracking sheet that lists some of the following will help. It will also help you with rewards for the recruit for completing certain tasks and trainings

date started
date kit arrived
one on one training date(s)
date of training party(s) to attend
Q&A on training materials, kit set up
Warm market contact list check up
date of 1st party
date of 2nd party (3-5th party as well or how ever long you track or attend)
meetings attended – sales and training mtgs
1 month check up
2 month check up
3 month check up
Recruiting Training
Fundraising Training

you can add more or tweak depending on your company of course, but its a start.