What I Look For When Selecting A Direct Sales Business

I have been in direct sales a long time. Heck, I have been in sales of some sort my entire working career so I get kind of picky when it comes to searching for a new direct sales business. I love being in direct sales and I was looking, so I thought I would share what I look for when I check out a company. What will it take for me to join?? Will it help you? Maybe, maybe not.

=> Longevity – Yes, I am different, but you all knew that! The newest hottest thing on the block can be a flash in the pan. It takes a lot for a direct sales company to get off the ground. I have seen many crash and burn and I don’t want to be in that. I will watch and determine if it is for me at a later point.

=> Easy systems – I do not want to have to get a math degree to figure out how I will be paid or to learn how to manipulate the system so I get paid the most. Give me the facts, how I order, where I order and let me get to selling. Reading a slew of info just to try and figure out a system is money lost… I am not selling when I am trying to figure out your stuff.

=> Minimal Fees – I have enough business expenses. I do not need to pay for websites and a ton of supplies to get into business

=> Product that is Consumable and Easy to Sell to People I know – I have hear many people say “the product sells itself” Well, no it doesn’t. You still have to intro it to people and they have to want it. The people in my town must want to buy it. If they cannot afford it, neither will many others.

=> Product and Business is Easy to Explain to Others – If I need a translator to explain a business to someone, it is not for me. People I talk to want the facts, pure and simple. If I have to BS someone to join my business or buy my product, they will not stay so it is time wasted. I sell to those that want the product and want a simple business so they can do what I do.

=> A Business That Does Not Cost a Fortune to Join – Paying hundreds of dollars to join a business is not my idea of a good deal. I don’t want to have to carry inventory if I don’t want to. I want to make money now!

=> Something My Whole Family Can be Involved With – Wouldn’t That be Awesome??

=> Multiple Ways to Sell – Are there restriction on how I can sell this? Can I go to fairs or sell on the internet? Are there territories? I want to be able to sell how and where I want to. Fundraising too!

Does this business even exist? Yes, it does and I am thrilled to have brought it to my family. I call it JerkyOnTheGo and it is a part of Jerky Direct; a plain and simple business built on the core principles I mentioned above.

Super simple product line, easy pricing strategy that everyone can afford and something that anyone, anywhere can do. It is not easy to impress me, but this business model certainly has. Since 2005, this company has been flying below the radar but consistently growing and providing a healthy natural product that is delicious. And only $12 to get started!

If you are looking for something like this… check it out or drop me a line. I think you will be happy to keep a business plain and simple too so you can be doing what needs to be done … Selling Product and Making Money!

How to Get Over a Setback in Business

Have you ever suffered a setback in your business? It happens every so often and sometimes it can be tough to get back on the proverbial horse. It can happen and you may have lost confidence in yourself and your abilities. However, the longer you wait to start working your business, the harder it will be to get going again. The following are some tips to help you overcome a setback and get your business back on track!

Stay Structured
A structured schedule is important in your small business. It can serve as both a reminder and motivator to help you move forward. As the old saying goes “plan your work and work your plan”.

Learn New Skills
Learning new skills can help motivate you. You may choose to take a class that will further develop skills you already have or learn something new entirely. There are many options for how to expand your skills and training. Look at formal classes at your local college, listen to conference calls and teleclasses, or simply buy a business-related book at the bookstore.

Hire a Business Coach
A business coach can help you evaluate your business, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Every small business owner should have someone that can help you stretch. Coaches can help you formulate a plan to get back into action and provide motivation to help you succeed.

Outsource Tasks

If there is a particular task that you do not enjoy and you find it becoming a hindrance to your business, outsource the task to a professional. The task will be completed on a regular basis quickly and efficiently so you can move on to work you enjoy.

Check Your Work Environment
Mixing up your work environment can energize you and breathe new life into your business. For instance, if you tend to work exclusively online with clients, try finding some local ones to work with. This also will apply to where to you too. Do you work in an enclosed room or office? Change things up and grab a laptop for working at a coffee house or outside a few hours a day. It will bring a new perspective.

Try a Joint Venture
Look at teaming up with someone on a joint venture. This can bring some excitement and fun back into your business and it can also be a great way to get over a setback. You will be able to dive back into a project, but will have another person to share the work with. This can help alleviate any pressure you feel about your tasks. Having a partner to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with can add a fun element to your business.

Use Your Strengths and Skills
Think about what your strengths are and use those skills in your business. If you work on activities that you don’t feel you do particularly well, you may end up feeling challenged and unsuccessful. People tend to excel when doing tasks they are good at. It will make your work a lot more enjoyable when you work consistently on things that you do well.

Reward Yourself
Don’t lose your momentum when you have a setback. It is easy to sit back and blame yourself, but don’t beat yourself up. It is a learning experience. Look what you did that was not effective and improve it. You do not have to be an overnight success, but once you get to success levels in your business, make sure to reward yourself for a job well done!

Meet the New Again Mystique Boutique Direct Sales Company

I have had the privileged in working with a re-newed direct sales company in the past month or so on one of my other sites. I thought I would share with you a bit about my new obsession in fabulous direct sales products.

Mystique Boutique is the name of the company and they are Michigan born, American Made……Women’s Accessories & Body Care. I fell in love with the entire product line when I saw their site and catalog. There is absolutely something for everyone with their gorgeous selection of trendy, fashionable women’s accessories like the purses, leather belts and stylish buckles, amazing jewelry and watches, beautiful scarves and their body care line. Oh yes! Definitely something for everyone!

Since 2006, they have remained committed to bringing back American made products & design. They started as a jewelry only company and in Oct 2011, they extended their line to include the other fabulous selections, all for today’s modern woman.

I have seen many items in their line personally and they are top quality product with American pride built right in. The products are exactly what women are buying in the trendy boutiques so why not buy it from a Made in America company offering Made in American products?

The compensation plan looks simple and fair. You will earn a decent percentage and the kits are fairly priced. The Hostess plan is nice and generous as well. Booking for this product line should be a snap.

If you are looking for a direct sales company to check out for a new party plan business, you have to check out Mystique Boutique. They are going places! Look at their offerings to you as a direct sales business consultant and grab your kit today. I think you will be pleased!